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Git Cheat Sheet

Git is a wonderful tool but it isn’t always user friendly nor obvious. For certain tasks, like deleting a remote tag, I find myself turning to Google. It’s not obvious how to delete a remote tag and it’s not easy to remember either. Deleting remote tags is also something that isn’t done frequently. Instead of using Google every time this situation arises I added a “cheat” alias. Before you point out that I could create an alias with an easy to remember name that’s not necessarily true.

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Git Difftool

The ability to perform side-by-side comparisons of source code is an absolutely integral tool in software development. While many developers may have developed the skill to happily read diff output directly I have not. I prefer a graphical tool that lets me see a full context and to choose text blocks to include or exclude. It’s very easy to setup this up using git.

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