On Software

Screen Terminal Emulator

Over the years I’ve spent thousands of hours working with devices connected via serial ports. Only recently did I learn that the wonderful GNU screen can be used as a terminal emulator. screen has long been popular in the world of systems administration but rarely do have I seen it used in the context of software development. Overview In the Windows world, years ago, TeraTerm was a popular choice among knowledgeable developers.

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Find Alias

How many times have you executed find only to see copious error messages that drown out the meaningful output? Sure, you could redirect stderr to /dev/null but then you might miss an actual error. There is a solution. By adding an alias to your .bashrc you can filter out errors for non-readable files. f() { local start="$1" shift find $start ! -readable -prune -o $* -print } In English this alias uses the first argument as the search directory.

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